Data driven solutions for your mobile advertising.

We are integrated with all the market spectre:

  • As a publisher you can reach the best campaigns in the world and promote them with our outstanding tools.
  • As an advertiser you can reach the whole world through our traffic and get the best users for your app.


Fraud analysis


When you say MONEY on the Internet, thousands of pirates appear. We have built a state of art system to prevent that based on our experience in the mobile business. We know how they do it. We can protect you.

Thousands of algorithms based on artificial intelligence to prevent fraud. Machine learning applied to protect you. Block any malware, robot, VPN & suspicious connection getting to your campaigns in order to provide the best quality traffic.

We have a saying: Prevention is better than cure. If a source is sending bad traffic, this source gets banned from the platform and we will not invoice you for those conversions.

Campaigns Analysis


Several times a day, our Campaign System Analysis checks that every one of the campaigns in the system are working properly.

Tracker, 404, endless redirections, spam and many other problems are checked by our system so you will only have to worry about driving the best traffic to them. Bye-bye non-working campaigns. Hello Transparency.

We send the campaign owner an email explaining what’s happening and he can solve this problem with his provider. And no, this is not an easy job because we are not doing that with VPN’s. We have real phones and tablets in each of the world’s 194 countries (all except North Corea and Antartica) and we are patenting this technology so everyone at Geenapp can use it.

Branded appstores


Custom & white label App Stores that display beautifully on any iOS and Android, Blackberry, phone or tablet, and because it’s a familiar app experience, users don’t need training and produces high app adoption.

This amazing product iss also fully brandable allowing for every design element to incorporate your company’s corporate colors, logo, etc.

With previews for app screen shots, descriptions, user feedback and ratings before installing, and the deepest set of security and management capabilities for governance of every stage of the app lifecycle.

Darwin & Analytics


All the algorithms and Big Data simplified at your hands. You don't need to be an expert to understand the app industry, we do all the heavy lifting work for you.

Our system always pick the best paid campaign for you. We sort and clean 24/7 so you only worry about anything.

Check the analytics later on and optimize your campaign.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Any question?