Turn your followers, readers, friends,
family... into profit.

Geenapp is a free & simple way to earn money by getting

app installations with your friends and traffic.

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Cost per Install means that the agency or developer will pay only for results, meaning that you will earn money based on the amount of the installations that you generate.

Stay in control


Block apps you don’t like, choose ad formats, and customize the look to match your site and preferences. Tons of tools and resources.

Tons of Apps to recommend


Browse the app list and pick the right app that you want to endorse and recommend. You choose what’s best for your audience.

Reliable payments


Through Paypal or Wire Transfer, you will receive a payment if you get to 100$. You don’t need to be a company to work with us.

free tools


Real-Time Analytics

You are in control. With all the information provided you can take better and faster decisions. Block ads you don’t like, customize where ads appear, and choose which types fit your site best.

You choose what to promote and when.


Darwin & Quality

Only the highest paying apps go live.

Our Quality System Analysis cleans and sort all the campaigns in the platform, so you don’t have to worry about devices and countries. Also, Darwin will look for the better paid campaign at that time to offer you the best paid.



Automatic apps targeting.

We give you one link to promote an App. Don’t worry about countries and devices, we will pick the best for every user. One link to rule them all.  Perfect for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & other social networks.

100% customizable.


Branded content App Stores

Professional & Automatic.

Do you want to have your own AppStore? You can categorize the type of Apps and Games that you want to promote inside your AppStore. You can use your own domain. Perfect for your personal brand.

100% customizable.


Ads & Wordpress Plugin

The right ads for your audience.

Set the Geenapp’s WordPress Plugin or the banner code in your blog or website. The result? You can earn more from your audience automatically.



Not the tool you are looking for? Create your own with the JSON tool!

Open and free for all the users.

success stories

From the beginning I have felt professional and personal support by Geenapp. They have managed to combine professionalism and personal treatment perfectly.


Marc Sand

1205 promoted apps

An original and different way to monetize my social networks and mobile traffic. Very good offers, good payment terms and a very good company behind the technology.


David González Prieto

235 promoted apps

Geenapp’s communication to publishers is a great added value on this market. The support you get from the team can help in a great way in your app promoting.


Shachar Navon

95 promoted apps

I enjoy the interface and how nice and simple Geenapp is to use. From the first time you log in, it’s very easy to understand and interact with the platform.


James Sigrist

606 promoted apps