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More than 10.000 cleaned and sorted CPI offers daily.

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Benefits of

Quality System Analysis


Daily checking the availability of all the campaigns to prevent lost clicks. Forget about non-working offers. We check everything for you.

Affiliate friendly


Manage your affiliate and make them promote what you want. Self service platform with statistics and performance data.

Multiple Raw Campaigns


Fixed prices for all type of CPI campaigns. All the information in one place where you decide what do you want to promote.

Reliable payments


Every month you get one invoice and one payment according to your performance. No more multiple financial headache.

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Real-Time Analytics

You are in control.

With all the information provided you can take better and faster decisions. If you are buying traffic, see which source is giving you better results.
You choose what to promote, where and when.


Quality System Analysis

Only the highest paying apps go live.
Our Quality System Analysis cleans and sort all the campaigns in the platform, so you can have all the information about every campaign in the platform.
We have more than 10.000 CPI offers just waiting for you.


Optimized Traffic

To win in this environment, we need to set goals, measure as much as we can, and optimize for the best user experience. With all the Geenapp’s reports, you can optimize your traffic easily: Get your better sources or a daily e-mail with discarded traffic based on several reasons. Discover which sources are sending fraud, or if you bought a specific country traffic, check that everything is going as planned. Information is the key for making money.



Professional & Automatic.
Receive only the offers available daily on your e-mail according to your preferences.
You only receive notifications of the campaigns you are running, and you can set a daily e-mail with the campaigns you are interested in. No more useless e-mails, optimized comunication.

success stories

The interface is user friendly. It has a lot of amazing features and tools for you to know whether or not an offer is currently landing or tracking.

Danielle Scott

Danielle Scott

3578 promoted apps

Geenapp is excellent because we get our desired downloads with our expected KPI. Also, they pay on time.

Jasmin Amin

Jasmin Amin

5470 promoted apps