Welcome to Geenapp!

Let’s start the festival of innovation!

The next 27 October, companies like Geenapp, we will open our doors to share with you the processes in business innovation.

This year is the second edition of Newco and is expected to be as successful as the edition of the last year!

With the purpose of identify, celebrate and connect new engines of the change economic and social to give to know the cultures and strategies of innovation that have success in Catalonia, more than 50 companies technological innovative in Barcelona, we will share our experiences and during 1 hour you can know in exclusive our offices and listen talks informal of the hand of the CEOs of every startup.

NewCo is intended for managers, entrepreneurs, creative or computer engineers, among others, who want to broaden their knowledge and vision of work. So, if you’re one of them, go to the website and sign up!

See you on 27 October!

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