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News Update; What Is Happening In The Mobile/Technology Industry

Welcome to the weekly mobile news update, we give you essential information you need to know to keep on top of the hottest stories in the business. This week you can read all about, how Uber scaled the great wall, how to fight fraud and sabe on your mobile advertising, is Apple developing a car, Google’s Shopping Inshights and

How Uber Scaled The Great Wall, Or 5 Tips For Acquiring Mobile Users In China

China is the largest smartphone market in the world. It’s no surprise, then, that Uber has committed more than $1.2 billion in this coming year to winning the market. After just 12 short months, Uber has gone from one percent to somewhere between 11 and 30 percent market share (stats seem to vary widely), with plans to expand to 100 new Chinese cities this coming year.

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How to fight fraud and save up to 30% on your mobile advertising invoice!

Recent studies have found that mobile fraud represents between 20% and 30% of the global mobile inventory, whose cost could amount up to $1 billion to advertisers this year. The mobile economy is still young and uncontrolled, leaving space for more dishonest individuals to find ways to cheat the system and make money though fraudulent means. There are two main tactics used to commit fraud: offering fake traffic carried by bots or install farms, or offering low quality traffic at a premium rate.

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Did Tim Cook Just Gave Us A Hint About Apple Cars?

Despite persistent rumors that Apple is developing an electric vehicle, the tech giant hasn’t actually copped to working on one. In a recent appearance, CEO Tim Cook touched on the topic of cars, offering what some hope are hints at company’s plans…

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Google Launches Shopping Insights To Help Stores Figure Out Potential Bestsellers

Inventory is a tricky problem for retailers, especially small ones. Ordering too much of an item that doesn’t sell is an expensive mistake, but running out of popular products also loses money and risks alienating customers. A new tool by Google, called Shopping Insights, might help businesses by showing what stuff people in their cities are searching for the most.

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Instant Ads (Not Articles) Could Be Facebook’s Next Big Mobile Money-Maker

Ads are one of the last ways to click out of Facebook. The social network is trying to eat the internet to keep you from ever leaving. Meanwhile, businesses know it’s tough to persuade you to interrupt your social experience by opening one of their ads.

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