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Fraud in the mobile industry is a bigger problem than ever

App marketers stand to lose $100m to mobile app install and engagement advertising fraud in 2016. That’s according to new research from mobile attribution and marketing analytics firm, AppsFlyer. The State of Mobile App Install & Engagement Fraud study also revealed the countries with the highest rates of advertising fraud.

Mobile app install and engagement fraud carries a cost of $350m for advertisers globally. $100m of this sum are verified fraud, whilst another $250m are suspected.

The research also found that the US may be the most targeted region in terms of advertising fraud. However, Germany, Australia, China, Canada and the UK are also experiencing high rates of app-install and engagement fraud. According to Geenapp’s Head of Quality and Fraud, Carles Cervera, that’s because generally fraudsters try to target countries where potential payout is greater. “The pirate’s effort is the same for a small payout and a big payout, that’s why pirates concentrate on the countries with higher payouts like US, Germany or Canada.” Cervera’s said. Higher cost-per-install and cost-per-action campaigns also come with greater fraud rates. Regions where there’s a low payout, such as Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand were found to exhibit less fraud.

Android devices are more prone (up to 50%) to advertising fraud than iOS devices, according to AppsFlyer. The exception is China, where iOS devices exhibit higher advertising fraud due to having greater ad payout rates. The main reason is because is easier to do a fake installation in android thanks to softwares that mimic the Google OS.

Fraud in different global markets


Android devices experiencing higher fraud rates


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Network Panel Update!

This post is about the latest updates for the panel for Geenapp for Networks, the perfect product for companies that have affiliates looking for CPI campaigns.

We have implemented 2 different lists of CPI Offers: One is called ‘High Quality’ and the other is called ‘All’.

Panel Networks 01

In the ‘High Quality’ category you can only find offers that don’t include rebrokering. These offers come from direct advertisers or have a minimum of intermediaries.

In the category ‘All’ you can still find all of our more then 4,000 campaigns.

But that’s not all the new features. Now you get extra information for all the campaigns from the offer list, both for ‘High Quality’ and ‘All’.

Next to the offer number you will see 3 kinds of icons:

Panel Networks 02

(Yellow) Star = Campaigns with less redirections, the High Quality ones.

(Green) Check =This campaign has been installed at least one time, certainty that the campaign works correctly.

(Blue) Thumbs up = This campaign has passed the Geenapp Quality System, so the link goes to the app that it’s said.


This campaign has passed the test for the Geenapp Quality System and it has at least 1 install:

Panel Networks 06

This campaign is High Quality and passed the test for the Geenapp Quality System:

Panel Networks 03

This campaign has passed just the for the Geenapp Quality System:

Panel Networks 05

A campaign with all icons in grey did not pass these tests (yet):

Panel Networks 04

If you choose for the offer category ‘High Quality’ you will always find a ‘Star’ the‘Check’ and ‘Thumbs Up’ icon turned on.

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