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Our CEO belongs to The Hundert’s top 100 female startup founders in Europe!

The Hundert, a famous German startup magazine, is popular for brining news from startup scene in Berlin. Their main ambiton is to boost innovation and creativity and give a rise to outstanding achievements of prosperous startups. For this reason they decided to go for extraordinary content – the 8th edition of The Hundert is dedicated to 100 female startups founders in Europe representing 40 different countries. Thus we are proudly announcing that our CEO Gina Tost made it to the top 100 female CEO of startups in Europe.

Having a startup has become a fashion trend over the past few years. We can read tons of stories about successful male CEO and founder of tech startups. But what we are lacking is the presence of female CEO in this industry. Statistics show that only 14.6 percent of all startup founders are women. Even though the gender gap is still significant, we might find some brave females who decided to set their own startup. The Hundert decided to take a closer look at them and published 100 inspiring stories of female CEOs from all over Europe highlighting their hard work and devotion to what they love. The list features CEO from different spheres such as mobile and tech industry, healthcare, shopping or lifestyle businesses. Each story is different in nature but what all they have in common is passion – passion for their work, passion for innovation, passion for creativity, passion for their successful startups.



Gina Tost at Release Party of The Hundert

Gina had started her career as a tech and video games journalist giving voice to other amazing projects in the media. This experience brought her to the idea of founding a startup herself and demonstrate that she can go beyond the persona of the girl on TV. “It felt like a train that I didn’t want to miss. I’ve led a team before when I was working in Madrid, but truth be told, I had zero experience as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, my co-founders helped fill the knowledge gap,” said Gina for The Hundert. Today she is running Geenapp – mobile adtech company – which ranked in 100 best European startups.

“I play action and adventure video games in order to deal with stress. It’s like I am in another body, in another universe.”

What she finds one of the most enjoyable things about Geenapp is a exceptional office – a house with a nice garden in a very wealthy area of Barcelona. The team has lunch together in the garden with a marvelous view from the office and famous football players as neighbors. Gina thinks that a startup is like a small boat – you have to be paddling to move. “When you have a big boat, all the engines have been working for a long time and you just need to adjust some pieces to move faster or slower. But until then, if you face a problem, you must solve it with bravery and cleverness,” mentioned Gina in regards of daily problems she needs to face with her growing startup Geenapp.

Gina Tost has never regretted her decision to start up Geenapp as it brings modern inventions to the world of App promotion. She desires to make a change in the mobile industry and with her startup Gina is turning her vision to reality. In addition, she is a role model for many young women who are thinking of starting their own business. Along with other female CEO she thinks that the journey is not easy but it is definitely worth it. The starting point is a great business idea and motivation to change the world into an easier place for living. So if you also belong to those women who are hesitating if to start a business or not, get inspired by these stories of 100 incredible women and make it happen! Because every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. Do not dream your life, live your dreams!

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