Mission and Vision of Geenapp

Vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook.
~Rick Warren

The mobile advertising industry is one of the fastest booming sectors which is full of opportunities to develop a unique position. The biggest drawback in this industry is that all process are manual and need automatization. In addition, the fact that the amount of fraud has been increasing, makes it difficult for all players in this industry to monitor the traffic and ensure high quality traffic. The mobile industry needs a company that is going to cope with all this negative aspects and becomes a role model for its competitor; it needs a revolution; the mobile industry needs Geenapp.

The starting point of each strong company are even stronger pillars that hold you up and you can lean on them. Geenapp has a good fate that it can rely on a solid backbone from the very beginning:
Founders – Excited young people with a great attitude and spirit, and previous experience in this type of business which helped them to developed a large network for their future path.
Labour – People within the company are proactive, excited and motivated for new challenges.
Vison 360 – Gennapp has a clear vision how to do things, what to change and how to enrich people in this industry.
Working environment – The startup has a commitment to the best possible working environment: office, parity…
Know-how – The initial knowledge had been brought from each element and has been further built up and generated in Geenapp.
Transparency – Geenapp can optimize its sources thank to Quality system. We do not use any links which direct users, instead we stop the offer or make sure that offer is working properly. In case of any issue, we are willing to solve the problem, explain all necessary details and open for feedback.

Values and attributes of Geenapp

Values and attributes of Geenapp

Geenapp has an intention to be a meeting point of those involved in App. It wants to simplify and optimize tasks, make all process automatic in order to crate more accessible and transparent market for all people in the mobile industry. Furthermore, Geenapp is rather an innovator then an imitator – we in Geenapp think outside the box and our developed tools such as Quality and Anti-Fraud system bring gains in terms of high quality traffic to all App promotion players.

We are a tech company in the marketing industry.

We in Geenapp believe that Mission and Vision statements are highly crucial to share with our employees, advertisers, networks, publishers and public as a whole. As long as these statement are expressed clearly, we can be sure that everyone knows which values we create.


Mission of Geenapp

Mission of Geenapp

Our primary purpose for being in the mobile industry is to show that we are a serious business to all shareholders, partners and competitors. Moreover, for the management of Geenapp, mission statement is a template for decision making and long term planning and it results in a strong organizational culture.



Vision of Geenapp

The second important purpose encourages the progress of Geenapp and advices in which direction the company should go on its business path. It keeps us to stay focused on bigger goals and define our business in terms of growth, values, and contribution to the society and the mobile industry. Vision statement makes us fully aware of our strengths and values, and holds up the development of Geenapp.

Geenapp is a small startup with really strong mission and vision for the future in the mobile industry. We want the public to know what we do, how we do it and what is the purpose of our business. We do not provide only high quality traffic for large amounts of offers but we also aim to inspire the whole sector to do a fair business. With our Anti-fraud system, we wish to minimize the amount of fraud so everyone has the same rules in App promotion world. What is more, we maintain great relationships with our stakeholders and we are not haunted when the problem occurs – we always find a compromise which is acceptable for all parties and learn from each experience so we can avoid the similiar situations in the future. Geenapp´s dream is to make App promotion easy and reliable without any fraud and to grow to the company with a strong possition in the mobile industry. Let´s start chasing these dreams all together!


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