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Meet the team: Jaime Ferré

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANjAAAAJGVjZTA3M2UwLWE1ZWUtNDM1Mi04N2JmLTcyYjUyZDliNjhhMQHow would you describe the personality of Jaime Ferré?

I am an entrepreneur – I have been starting companies since I was 20 years old. I put an emphasis on my family because that is the most important in my life. However, I always differentiate between my working life and my private life. I prefer to keep my family outside my business activities. Additionally, I am very easy-going and I do enjoy outdoor sports which raise my adrenaline level as my greatest passions are motorbikes and snowboarding.

If someone would choose  to write a book about your life – what would the title be?

True life of entrepreneur – and it would definitely be a comedy! The book would be more like an autobiography and a guide for all entrepreneurs. It would give a piece of advice for new starting businessmen and chairmen in order to teach them how to avoid the same mistakes and how to do things the right way.

Is there any important piece of advice you give people around you?

Avoid bad people in your life. Speaking from my personal experience, if you are surrounded by bad people, things go wrong because you start attracting unpleasant things. It makes your life harder, therefore you must have only good people in your life so they bring positive vibes.

If you could just another profession than an entrepreneur – what would that be? Did you have any back-up plan?

I would like to participate on the gastronomy project elBarri Adrià. I like the link between business and gastronomic spheres and I think that is is really amazing that Albert Adrià created the whole new experience for epicures.
My second vision to make a change in the world. I am inspired by Elon Musk from Tesla Motors as he has been accomplishing amazing things. His intentions are changing various areas such as transportation along with the world environment. Musk’s projects are just incredible! On the other hand, changing the world even slightly is hard to achieve as we can see it on example of many visionaries who failed their attempts.

Who is your role model?  Is there anyone whose path you are following?

The most inspiring person in my life is my mother – I really admire her! She is surrounded only by good people and sometimes I feel like she is attracting them. She makes me feel better after I go to talk to her since she always has a piece of advice for me. Moreover, she is very happy and smart person who is helping other people and avoids conflicts in her life.


‘Anti-fraud system is the best thing we have launched because we are managing traffic, fraud and pirates so cheaters do not use Geenapp platform.’


So what is the greatest lesson you have learned from someone’s mistake?

Do not work with bad people. Essentially, that is also Geenapp’s mission – to eliminate fraud in the mobile industry and therefore, eliminate all people who are trying to harm this industry.

You were doing a mentorship for new entrepreneurs as you are considered to be the great example how to run successful companies. What are the top values that a leader needs to demonstrate?

I think that a leader has to be transparent and care about the people in a company. You have to help your employees not only at work but also in their private lives because people cannot live in hell and be happy in the office. In addition, as a leader you need to let people grow professionally and personally because a company grows with people. Furthermore, the leader should not be present only when things work perfectly but he should lead when things turn bad. It is the same in football – players do not feel like they need a coach when a match is going great but they rely on their coach when there is a problem and they want him to solve it. I suppose that a good leader should always appear in the crisis.

What would you advise to a leader who wants to improve? What is the biggest challenge that leaders are facing nowadays?

I assume that the biggest obstacle is the velocity as the world is progressing very fast today. Therefore, I suggest that a leader should not be scared to take risks because the fear of loss prevents people from doing fascinating things.

You have already started your own company before in the same industry. Why is the gaming industry so attractive for you?

I have been working in the gaming industry for long time. I started with doing magazines and websites for gamers. The idea for that company came from my business partner Carlos Blanco. In fact, I play video games every day since I was 8 years old so that is the reason why I have such a close relationship to this industry.

How did you come with the idea of Geenapp – an App promotional platform?

When I left my last company more than 4 years ago, I started to think what to do next and I felt like I need to cross lines of mobile industry and advertising. I have decided to start an Ad Tech company in mobile industry as it is growing very fast and I am predicting an amazing future to this industry.

Geenapp is a tech company in the mobile industry – how do you feel about this sector? In what do you find the mobile industry progressive and on the other hand, what is irritating for you?

I like that the mobile industry is global making it very worldwide excluding few markets. On the contrary, the fraud and cheating are bothering me a lot. There are people out there who are boosting fraud and trying to earn money at all costs.

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your startup? What is the coolest thing about being chairman of Geenapp?

The most important decision had to be taken the last year when we switched to B2B strategy what have had only positive impact on the company.
There are different aspects I do appreciate at Geenapp. We have moved to the new office at Pier 01 Tech City at Barceloneta what is the location of prosperous startups in the city. From the business point of view, Geenapp has international partners and campaigns worldwide what allows us to go global.


‘I have decided to start an Ad Tech company in mobile industry as it is growing very fast and I am predicting an amazing future to this industry.’


Barcelona is the world’s capital of mobile industry and the location of Geenapp office. Do you attach any importance to this fact?

From my point of view, our location is one of the key elements to make Geenapp a success. The most important events in the mobile industry such as Mobile World Congress or 4 Years From Now take place in Barcelona so Geenapp had a chance to participate in order to spread by the word of mouth. The city is home to many other companies which are working in the same sector resulting in higher competition. This indicates that the technology needs to be improved constantly and lots of talented people from all over the world are attracted to come to Barcelona.

How would you promote the idea of Geenapp?

All offers at the same place, one invoice, one payment, best payouts and good quality traffic for all campaigns checked by Anti-fraud and Quality systems daily. Do not loose time looking at different platforms. In Geenapp we do that for you so you have everything at once.

What are the future prospects of Geenapp?

We need to integrate the whole ecosystem into Geenapp platform and that is going to happen in the next 6 months. So we are basically going to integrate all the offers in Geenapp. What is more, we still keep working in the area of anti-fraud so we can block all fraud and clean the sector from this low quality traffic that nobody wishes for.

Tell me about an accomplishment of Geenapp that you consider to be the most significant one.

Anti-fraud system! It is the best thing we have launched because we are managing traffic, fraud and pirates. Cheaters do not use Geenapp platform because we can see their fraudulent practices and we eliminate them immediately so they will not send any traffic.

What is still on your bucket list?

I want to help people via NGOs in order to raise money for people in need. I wish I could raise awareness about how to help other people as it is impossible to be happy if people around you are not having a great time. In my working environment, I want people in Geenapp to grow and continue in pursuing amazing careers what, at the end, will take them to great places and help them to achieve interesting things.

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