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Meet the team: Gina Tost


How would you characterize Gina Tost – CEO of Geenapp?

I like being surrounded by the best people and professionals in order to see what they predict to happen in the future of the mobile industry so I can also foresee things which are ahead of us and take better decisions. If I need to characterize myself by one word it would be multitasking – I became CEO not just because I am one of co-founders but I am managing different areas in Geenapp.

Is there anything that is suprising about you and not that many people have a clue about it?

I have to admit that I am a passionate player of video games and not that many people are as good as I am at playing them. Video games have improved my strategic vision and skills, and now I am not daunt to say that I am expert in playing video games!

I need to say that it is very impressive what you are doing right now but have you always been interested in technology? Each kids daydream about different types of job. What was your dream job?

I have always known that I want to do something with informatics. When I was a kid I love buttons, cables and other technical staff. I remember when I had my first computer in the 90‘s, what was a very expensive thing, I was so curious that I just opened it in order to see how things are organize inside that box. My parents went crazy when they saw the new and expensive PC, opened and quartered, in the middle of the living room.

Whom do you consider to be the most influencial or inspiring person in your life?

I always try to surround myself with smart people and I might say that I am successfull in that as I have many clever people around me. When I used to work as a full-time journalist, I got to know many entrepreneurs and thanks to them I could have been able to get insight into different topics and put my own bigger picture together. I believe that everyone influences you and helps you to become who you really are. I admire Elon Musk – CEO and product architect at Tesla Motors. I fancy that he is super creative and innovative businessman; he cares more about the progress for the mankind at the expense of business or money.

I know that you hold a TED talk on the topic How technology makes us free. All TED talker are considered to be influencers. Do you see yourself as an influencer?

I think that I influence a small circle of people in my surrounding – people in the tech industry in my country – Spain. I have been working in this industry so I am kind of relevant in this circle of people.


We optimize the daily work of all the media buyers and ad networks by providing them the best paid campaign for each app in one platform based on 500 advertisers.

 What was the most valuable piece of advice you have ever been given? Does it apply  for both: your personal life and working life? Does it help you to accomplish anything you are particularly proud of? 

My motto is: Focus. Sometimes my brain works very fast and I need to think about different things at the same time. In this case, the best for me is to stop for a while and find the light, to concentrate only on one thing. I implement this motto more in my working life because I need to cover everything in the company. All the problems that I had ever faced, had been solved thanks to this piece of advice because when you focus, you can always think more clearly.

How does it feel to be CEO of the company as Geenapp? What do you find to be the hardest part and what are situations that you know it is worth it?

It is a challenge because it is not only about my job anymore. It is about everyone in my team. The most difficult part is to think about the future of Geenapp. We are not the same company as half of a year or a year ago. We are changing very rapidly and the environment of the company is very dynamic so it is very tough to think in advance. On the other hand, I am more than delighted that I can lead a company that is doing a lot for the tech industry. It is not about doing a job but about having the best technology in order to solve problems that the mobile industry is currently facing.

You are going to be named as one of the best female CEO. How are you feeling about these news? What do you think contributed to this fact?

I was very surprised. I think that it is not only about my job but the whole team of Geenapp has merits on this and they put me into this position. I think that is not only me but about the teamwork.

What is your favourite video game and the App that one of the best female CEO is currently using?

The App I use the most is defintely WhatsApp as I need to be always online because of the business. It helps me to stay in touch with all business partners as well as with my friends and family.
I need to say that my favourite game for tablets is The Room. A serie of three games based on Escape Room what has become a worldwide phenomenom. It is very challenging as I like puzzle games.

Three founders of Geenapp: Javier Casares, Gina Tost and Jaime Ferré

The founders of Geenapp: Javier Casares, Gina Tost and Jaime Ferré


Do you consider Mark Zuckerberg to be a great influencer? Imagine that you would meet him: what would you ask or purpose to him?

I have met him at Mobile World Congress 2014 because I was a speaker like him for the mobile fair. What I really like about him that it is not about the company called Facebook anymore. It is about his vision of how the world should be in the near future.
If I had to ask him something, definetelly will be about the challenges of a growing company as I am sure that he has focused on this issue several times during his lifetime iwth Facebook.

What do you consider to be the biggest problem in the mobile industry?

In my opinon, it is clearly the fraud: People trying to earn money by having lots of traffic which comes from suspicious sources. On the other hand, there are tons of campaigns out there that do not work properly because an advertiser does not know how to set a campaign or the tracker.

Was this the main reason why you set up Geenapp? How are you trying to cope with the obstacle of fraud in Geenapp?

In Geenapp, we are trying to build a company that is programmatic and scalable is very important in our philosophy. We do good technological tools and that is what we are doing here. We are always trying to come with tech solutions for the problems that everybody has to face in the mobile industry. We launched our own Quality system to check that every campaign is working 24/7 (we are patenting this tool) and our Anti-fraud system is being improved every week based on different methods we discover every day.
Geenapp is a tech company in the marketing industry, we are not doing the same as other networks, we give them solutions to improve their efford. Our clients have different needs and we help them conver them.

What would you pinpoint as the biggest highlight of Geenapp?

We optimize the daily work of all the media buyers and ad networks by providing them the best paid campaign for each app in one platform based on 500 advertisers. We generate only one invoice, get only one payment and get more mobile traffic.

What is the thing you wish somebody told you before you had started Geenapp?

We have faced so many problems from different aspects, we tried to do everything manually and then programmatically with all knowledge that we had acquired. Our technology was super advance in the industry so we had to downgrade it because we are couple of years ahead in terms of progress. Jaime is very experienced in doing business so he always predicts things ahead and warns me to be prepared for any situation that might possibly arise.


We launched our own Quality system to check that every campaign is working 24/7 (we are patenting this tool) and our Anti-fraud system is being improved every week based on different methods we discover every day.


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt at Geenapp?

Sometimes people are used to do their job the same way so when you are trying to make them think they cannot understand it. Other case is that they have been going through the same routine their whole life and are not open to things differently in order to earn more money. People prefer to stick to their stereotypes rather than becoming a better professional with new knowledge and improved skills.

What does Geenapp do differently? Let´s say that I have an App and I wish to promote it but cannot decide which company I should go for. What does make me to choose Geenapp?

With Geenapp, you can get all attention for your App from other networks. You just give an App to us and we make sure that your App gets quality traffic. You do not need to deal with anybody else so you can be more concentrated on developing and upgrading your App.

Do you find Gennapp in some aspects to be a trendsetter?

Yes, we started with smartlinks that everybody is talking about nowaday and everyone thinks that it is a big invention. We started 2 1/2 years ago and nobody wanted it in the industry because that they though that it was not neccesary but now they identify it as a must! It is still available on our panel and everyone can still freely use it.

Geenapp is relatively a young business but progressing rapidly. Where do you see the future of Geenapp? What are things that Geenappp still needs to work on?

I believe that we need to improve all the tools we have right now and we need to put more effort into the marketing strategy of Geenapp. People do not know what we are doing because we are focusing more on building a great product. We need people to get to know our business because if people do now know you, you are losing lots of potential clients. We are going to be bigger as we are hiring people, growing fast very every month. New bright ideas are a key indicator on our roadmap in order to build innovative products.

What are things which are on bucket list of Gina Tost?

I want to travel a lot and get to know new cultures which are totally different from mine. I want to go this summer to Asia -their culture is very attractive for me as it is entirely diverse world. They pursue the world differently than us. In addition, I want Geenapp to become an innovator and the best company in the mobile industry.

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