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HISTORY: How Geenapp Was Created


At first

When creating Geenapp two years ago, we wanted to dive into the mobile sector. At first we were a CPI(Cost Per Install) only company. After a few months of working (at that time with 3 employees) we saw that we did not get large volumes of traffic. Our competitors had more investment power and 300 people of men power. What could we do, 3 people in our office in Barcelona taking it on with giants? Adding value!


The change

So after a year of working, we destroyed everything we had and started from scratch: We created a platform that was automatic, which did not depend on people to move large volumes, but programmatically it served the same purpose. So Geenapp started growing from a membership to a smart platform that valued real time, serving the best campaign for every individual user.

Javier Casares, our CIO, developed a platform that could analyze all the data to make an assessment in real time so it doesn’t waste any click. From there came our SmartLinks, the cornerstone on which held all links capable of providing the best campaign for that app, device and country.

The SmartLinks were the beginning, but from there we built our products for other app recommenders so they could continue promoting applications in their own way. We created banners for apps and blogs, a plugin for WordPress, customizable AppStores and much more. Thanks to the close relationship with all of our publishers that was made possible by Pau Farràs, our Publisher Manager,  we knew exactly what they are looking for and could build the best. 

In addition, we built a specific panel for large accounts that we optimized for the way they promote. Not all publishers need to see the same information, nor do they need the same tools. We adapted to it and in less than a month we had a perfect panel for networks.

Parallel flows modify the platform and add quality controls at different points in the process to make sure we were actually offering the best campaign and then comes our Geenapp Quality Analysis System, a system able to see if a link is working or not and tells the advertiser what was happening. 

We also analyze each of the clicks that come in to see whether traffic is real or if anyone is trying to get more money through fraud. Robots generating facilities are a big problem for the mobile industry and Geenapp has found a way to secure honest traffic.  LOGO 03

The future

Obviously we still have a long road ahead: Advertisers who cheat when sending the postback (S2S), infinite rebrokering, to teach how to monetize properly, to better design our websites so that everybody understands what we do properly (even our mothers do not know what we do), etc.

Our premise has always been that the business is scalable, offers both quality supply and demand, always protects the small fish from the sharks, and to sound the alarm when we see abusive practices by advertisers.

So we will continue fighting 24/7, because the mobile industry changes every day and we will adapt to it!



If you have any suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to improve with you!

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