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7 Steps to Improve Mobile User Experience

To improve the user experience you need to put yourself in the heads and shoes of your customers and provide an experience which is compelling enough so the users will be willing to come back.


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Mobile App Analytics Explained

To get the best out of app promotion it is essential to understand all the key parameters of app analytics and the process of mobile app attribution.



Pokemon Go App Numbers


The app that has almost 50% of the US market by value already became a real phenomena in the mobile world. In our infographics we explain the raising and recently declining numbers of this game.

Pokemon go stats


9 creative ways to promote mobile apps


There are more than 2 million apps available to download in the leading app stores*. But without the right promotion even the best mobile app has very small chances of reaching the right audience and getting noticed. We put together some creative ways to promote your app in this infographics.

9 creative ways to promote mobile apps



* Data according to Statista, June 2016


Top Countries by Mobile Game Revenues

We analyzed the top countries by mobile game revenues and global CPIs for Android, IPhone and IPad. Besides Geenapp calculator helps to identify CPIs for different markets and the most popular game categories.


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Infographics: History of Geenapp

Check out Geenapp history step by step: how the company emerged and developed.

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Infographics: CPI in numbers

CPI by Geenapp explains the Cost Per Install (CPI) globally and for different mobile devices in June 2016.


infografia cpi

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Fraud in the mobile industry

Infographics by Geenapp: fraud in the mobile industry explained in numbers.

This infographic is based on 40 Million clicks during May 2016.