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This year is the second edition of Newco and is expected to be as successful as the edition of the last year!

With the purpose of identify, celebrate and connect new engines of the change economic and social to give to know the cultures and strategies of innovation that have success in Catalonia, more than 50 companies technological innovative in Barcelona, we will share our experiences and during 1 hour you can know in exclusive our offices and listen talks informal of the hand of the CEOs of every startup.

NewCo is intended for managers, entrepreneurs, creative or computer engineers, among others, who want to broaden their knowledge and vision of work. So, if you’re one of them, go to the website and sign up!

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Geenapp at Applause (Recap)

On 28 May 2016 Geenapp Team participated in Applause – the first app marketing congress in Spain. The congress took place at Hotel W Barcelona and was organized by PickASO – App Marketing Agency which provides strategy consulting for business, developers and agencies. Jaime Ferré, Gina Tost, Javier Casares, Estefanía González and Samantha Verdín were pleased to take part in Applause and share experience with other players in the mobile industry.

The App and mobile industries are relatively young, however, they are very dynamic as they are changing and expanding from day to day.  Spain is an European leader on App Market with over 27,7 million active users and 3.8 mllion App downloads daily. Average device in Spain has around 33 Apps installed and it keeps increasing everyday. These numbers are colossal and therefore, the issue occurs when Apps need to target the right audience. The App developers should be aware of the fact that mobile marketing needs to be incorporated in the road map in order to build a strong brand image.

Geenapp Team at Applause

Geenapp Team at Applause


Applause gathers the best professional from App marketing in order to address these issues and deliberate the optimization of App marketing tools. The main topic discussed were related to Mobile Business – user acquisition, KPIs, App indexing, user retention, Social Ads optimization, Reviews & Ratings and the relationship between organic and non organic downloads. More than 20 speakers from different companies such as Zalando, AppsFlyer, InfoJobs or Wallapop shared their view on the industry and communicated their know-how to all participants. In addition, Daniel Peris (CEO and Growth Engineer at PickASO and The Tool) presented his new project The Tool – Performance-Based ASO Tool.

Our CEO, Gina took part in Panel discussion along with representatives of Mobusi, eMMA, mytaxi, imaginBank and 8fit. They talked about the future of the App marketing industry and key challenges for all parties in this sector. All speechmakers came to the conclusion and there is a need for the development of anti fraud tools in order to eliminate the fraud what is one of the main problems. Moreover, the education on how to read metrics is going to have an impact on data and making the market more transparent. The participants in Panel discussions agreed that the re-engagement is the future of App marketing.

Gina Tost during Panel discussion

Gina Tost during Panel discussion


Geenapp Team had a possibility to enjoy all workshops, presentations and discussions. Furthermore, the congress gave a rise to the importance of App Marketing and helped to define the main problems and possible solutions. Besides, Geenapp Management joined networking with Barcelona Tech City members throught the whole day in order to establish new partnerships. The congress was followed by Happy Hour party so they could still share their visions and opinions. The Team had a blast at Applause and gained new knowledge from people in the same industry. We hope that Applause is going to grow and attract even more interesting players from the sector in order to unity and improve the environment of App marketing.

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Our CEO belongs to The Hundert’s top 100 female startup founders in Europe!

The Hundert, a famous German startup magazine, is popular for brining news from startup scene in Berlin. Their main ambiton is to boost innovation and creativity and give a rise to outstanding achievements of prosperous startups. For this reason they decided to go for extraordinary content – the 8th edition of The Hundert is dedicated to 100 female startups founders in Europe representing 40 different countries. Thus we are proudly announcing that our CEO Gina Tost made it to the top 100 female CEO of startups in Europe.

Having a startup has become a fashion trend over the past few years. We can read tons of stories about successful male CEO and founder of tech startups. But what we are lacking is the presence of female CEO in this industry. Statistics show that only 14.6 percent of all startup founders are women. Even though the gender gap is still significant, we might find some brave females who decided to set their own startup. The Hundert decided to take a closer look at them and published 100 inspiring stories of female CEOs from all over Europe highlighting their hard work and devotion to what they love. The list features CEO from different spheres such as mobile and tech industry, healthcare, shopping or lifestyle businesses. Each story is different in nature but what all they have in common is passion – passion for their work, passion for innovation, passion for creativity, passion for their successful startups.



Gina Tost at Release Party of The Hundert

Gina had started her career as a tech and video games journalist giving voice to other amazing projects in the media. This experience brought her to the idea of founding a startup herself and demonstrate that she can go beyond the persona of the girl on TV. “It felt like a train that I didn’t want to miss. I’ve led a team before when I was working in Madrid, but truth be told, I had zero experience as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, my co-founders helped fill the knowledge gap,” said Gina for The Hundert. Today she is running Geenapp – mobile adtech company – which ranked in 100 best European startups.

“I play action and adventure video games in order to deal with stress. It’s like I am in another body, in another universe.”

What she finds one of the most enjoyable things about Geenapp is a exceptional office – a house with a nice garden in a very wealthy area of Barcelona. The team has lunch together in the garden with a marvelous view from the office and famous football players as neighbors. Gina thinks that a startup is like a small boat – you have to be paddling to move. “When you have a big boat, all the engines have been working for a long time and you just need to adjust some pieces to move faster or slower. But until then, if you face a problem, you must solve it with bravery and cleverness,” mentioned Gina in regards of daily problems she needs to face with her growing startup Geenapp.

Gina Tost has never regretted her decision to start up Geenapp as it brings modern inventions to the world of App promotion. She desires to make a change in the mobile industry and with her startup Gina is turning her vision to reality. In addition, she is a role model for many young women who are thinking of starting their own business. Along with other female CEO she thinks that the journey is not easy but it is definitely worth it. The starting point is a great business idea and motivation to change the world into an easier place for living. So if you also belong to those women who are hesitating if to start a business or not, get inspired by these stories of 100 incredible women and make it happen! Because every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. Do not dream your life, live your dreams!

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Geenapp participa en Applause

Keynotes, case studies, herramientas, workshops, growth hacking… y mucho networking en el primer congreso de App Marketing del sur de Europa que cuenta con la participación de Geenapp en sus contenidos.

Applause es una de las citas obligadas del año para los profesionales del marketing de aplicaciones móviles, que se celebrará el sábado 28 de Mayo de 2015 en el Hotel W (Vela) de Barcelona con los objetivos de reunir a profesionales del sector, aprender de los ponentes y asistentes, compartir experiencias, conocer las últimas tendencias del App Marketing y, también, disfrutar del networking.

En España hay más de 27,7 millones de usuarios activos que descargan cada día 3,8 millones de apps. Cada vez más gente se suma al sector mobile y desarrolla apps. El problema es que, después, muchos no saben cómo captar usuarios, cómo retenerlos o cómo generar negocio.

El sector de las apps es un mundo tan novedoso y dinámico que requiere actualizarse prácticamente todos los días. Por eso, con el objetivo de compartir conocimientos y de aprender las estrategias y tácticas de este negocio de la mano de grandes expertos, surge Applause.


Applause contará con la participación de expertos del sector del marketing de apps que cuentan con una gran trayectoria profesional y mucha experiencia, que compartirán datos interesantes con los asistentes, revelarán algunas de sus estrategias y mostrarán cómo sacar el máximo partido a algunas herramientas de App Marketing. Entre los ponentes están Víctor Momparler (Wazypark), Caroline Ragot y Dominique Cerri (Infojobs), Irene Noriega (Zalando), Jonatan Gottfried y Guy Uziely (Appsflyer), Antonio Calero (AdEspresso), Marissa Aydlett (Appboy), Thomas Petit (8fit), Gemma Escribano (Wallapop), Ignasi Prat (Appodeal), y evidentemente Gina Tost, directora general de Geenapp.

Los temas centrales que se abordarán durante el congreso, formato ponencia o workshop, serán, entre otros, Mobile Business KPIs, ASO, user acquisition, App Indexing, atribución móvil, optimización de Social Ads, retención de usuarios, Reviews & Ratings y relación de descargas orgánicas y no orgánicas.

El plazo para adquirir las entradas ya está abierto para todos aquellos profesionales del sector interesados en asistir.

Si quires saber más información, utiliza el hashtag oficial #applauseBCN o visita su web.

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Geenapp at MWC 2016 (Recap)

Every year the best of best from the mobil industry meet at the world´s largest exhibition called Mobile World Congress. In fact, MWC is a meeting of the best companies in the mobile industry and related industries with world-class exhibitions, networking opportunities and award-winning conferences. This year in February MWC, which is held annually in Barcelona – the capital of mobile world, opened its doors to more than 101,000 attendees from 204 countries. Geenapp was the lucky one to become the part of this amazing event together with other 2,200 exhibitors. Gina Tost (CEO & Co-founder), Javier Casares (CIO & Co-founder), Estefanía González (Networks Manager) and Carles Cervera (Quality Manager) represented our company at MWC 2016 and enjoyed the most important week in the mobile industry.

What did we experience?

Our Networks Manager, Estefanía spent the whole week at MWC 2016 and had probably the most important role. She had set in advance her agenda and meetings with our partners from all over the world, what kept her busy for the most of the time. We all know that in business it is all about people and relationship, therefore, it was more than crucial to meet all our partners and work with them on improving of our partnerships. The topic which they talked about were ranging from problem-identification to problem-solving and find all possibilities for improvements. What we really appreciated were positive feedback on the cooperation with Geenapp from your partners. In addition, Estefanía was the person who you could reach at our stand and talk to her face-to-face about what is Geenapp, how Geenapp works and what is Geenapp looking for.


Gina, our CEO, attended MWC 2016 to meet some of our important partners such as GSMA, Trackers, Data Companies, Investment funds and others which were interested in the state-of-art technology that we have at Geenapp. During her time there, she realized that the technology of Geenapp is awaking a lot of potential clients who heard about us thank to word-of-mouth. Several international companies are more than interested in what Geenapp does in the field of R&D. Gina also shares an opinion that MWC was a great way to meet all our clients and partners in the same city where we usually work. It is also an amazing opportunity for us as well as for the capital of mobile industry – Barcelona. Geenapp was seen by the rest of the world!

Our IT guy, Javier joined MWC 2016 on Tuesday to give a presentation about CPI calculator in we released to find out how much an advertiser is willing to pay in order to get a new user for the App. In this masterclass about CPI, he highlighted the importance of the visibility, business skills and word-of-mount for every company in the mobile industry. Javier also compared CPIs for Android and iOS operating systems and showed to the audience different CPIs based on GEOs and verticals. We were more than pleased to hear affirmative reactions from various companies that our CPI calculator is something that they had been looking for and this tools is definitely going to help them in the future. Feel free to check out the presentation Javier gave on MWC 2016 here. Moreover, Javier got in touch with many potential clients who might help us in the future with developing new tools to ease the life of people in the mobile industry.

Javier giving a presentation about CPI calculator

Carles spoke at MWC 2016 on behalf of our Quality team on Thursday. Geenapp has its own Quality system which hourly checks all our campaigns’ tracking links to ensure they send correctly to the App. Carles thinks that people in this industry are more concerned about the installation itself rather than about the quality or if the installation was the correct. Therefore, he tried to explained the importance of our Quality system as people do not know how to solve the problem with fake installations.

Personal evaluation of MWC 2016

It was the first time Estefanía attended MWC and she acquire new experience in negotiating with partners. She learn that you need to be confident enough, otherwise the competition would comerte con patatas. Despite Estefanía´s initial nervousness at the beginning, we are not afraid that she nailed it! Furthermore, Estefanía got a better insight to the mobile industry and realized that it has been progressing rapidly in the past years. On the other hand, Javier thinks that this industry still has a long way to go. The most of this people are concerned about marketing rather than technical part of the business including quality systems and anti-fraud systems, from what he drove a conclusion that this industry needs more startups like Geenapp. Javier also mentioned our Geenapp will still try to develop new tools which can move this industry only forward.


Carles took a more technical point of view: he thinks that people in this sector need more education, skills and information about digital aspects. He considers the mobile industry to be very developed in digital elements but he would encourage the progress in quality systems. Gina sticked to this point and underlined that our Quality system is the only one of its kind in the world and consequently, helps to increase revenues. She identifies the fraud as the main problem of this industry but Geenapp has the main technology to solve this pre-click analysis. Gina regards Geenapp as a trendsetter – we were the first company which started to do smartlinks two years ago and the whole industry is following this trend nowadays.

Marc Zuckerberg at Samsung Galaxy S7 launch event; original post

MWC is attractive also because of the fact that it hosts notable speaker from all around the world. On MWC 2016, 374 notable speakers were invited but the biggest topper was Marc Zuckerberg who talked about everything from his newly born daughter Max to his passion for virtual world. In fact, he stole Samsung Galaxy S7 show. During this launch event where the company introduced new Galaxy S7 phones through Samsung´s Gear VR headsets. Our Networks Manager, Estefanía tried out this glasses and described the experience as very exciting. Estefanía said that: “this gadget helped me to relaxed. I attended many meetings and this was like a small reset for my mind.” Together with Carles and Gina, she also went for the newly introduced Vive head-mounted display by HTC and Valve. They were encouraged to play a game and honestly, they were like kids enjoying the moment. No need to say that Gina enjoyed this the most! She was impressed by the interaction between the gadget, trackers and shield. The visual effect that Vive allowed her to see, took her to another virtual reality!

Gina trying Vive head-mounted display

Gina trying Vive head-mounted display

The future of Geenapp in the mobile industry

We can only agree that Mobile World Congress is a must to attend event for every firm in the mobile business as the industry is on its rise and it is more than important to catch up with all developments. The whole team of Geenapp agreed that our company is still relatively small in this enormous industry. What makes Geenapp unique is its Quality system and thus helps to gain the competitive advantage on this market. The next good point is that Geenapp is very transparent and even though that many companies still work in old school manual style, Geenapp operates programmatically. Gina sees the future of Geenapp very bright: We are sealing deals with impressive partner, we are rising the financial round of investment, and we are doubling the team in less than a month. The position of Geenapp is amazing as we are doing so much with a small team in such a short period of time, but we need to keep working hard to advance even more. In overall, we can say that Geenapp is following the right path to be even more successful and become a strong player in the mobile industry.