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Amazing tool for App developers – CPI calculator by Geenapp

The App market is booming rapidly and thousands of new Apps are being developed daily. However, many App makers are having hard times when they are trying to establish costs of acquisition for a new user. Fortunately for all of them, Geenapp came with a solution – CPI calculator which makes life easier for everyone who wishes to find out average CPI all around the world. Do not wait any longer and try it out!

What is CPI, CPA and CPE?

In order to understand what CPI calculator is about, it is crucial to distinguish between these three categories:

CPI = Cost Per Installation
Cost Per Installation refers to the term when an App is installed for the first time in a certain mobile device. In other words, publisher usually seek only for an installation of the advertised application.

CPA= Cost Per Action
Cost Per Action measures the amount that business pays in order to reach a conversion. The word “action” means the registration or subscription in the App which is required in order to attain a conversion.

CPE = Cost Per Engagement
Cost Per Engagement creates an an active user – a user that is involved and engaging with the App. It usually requires further step to be done such as the completion a tutorial or reopening the App after few days.


Differences between CPI, CPA and CPE

Current situation

Ever since App Store was introduced in 2008, it has become a trend to download Apps for different purposes, and therefore to make your life easier. The current markets offers more than 5 million Apps from over 750,000 publishers worldwide. The number of installation within one year reaches enormous amount, e.g. in 2015 there were more than 180 billion installs. Despite this number, only 80 % of these Apps have less than 10 installations during their life cycle. According to statistics, the future of App downloads in 2017 should note an increase to 268 billion installs.

The amount of installations worldwide is increasing annually

The App developers can try to reach user through multiple types of devices, however three quarters of them focuses on iOS and Android system putting them into the position of the the most important players on the App market. Android and Apple iOS account for over 90% of the smartphone market share. They are followed by Microsoft phones and BlackBerry phones. However, the fact is that smartphones remain the most popular device among all users.

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Devices developed for, original source

When we take a closer look at categories, according to Statista, there has been an annual rise in downloading of Apps  and Personalization category has the highest potential of all categories.  App sessions – how many times a user opens an app – for this category recorded the increase of 332 % from 2014 to 2015. It is then followed by News & Magazines with 135 % and the third-fastest growing category of Utilities & Productivity with the rise of 125 %. On the other hand, Games apps reported the slight decrease. Based on this trends, publishers should be aware of the fact that as the size of screen has got bigger, the users have a higher tendency to open the consuming content on their mobile devices.

CPI calculator by Geenapp

In order to analyze how much an App installation cost globally, Geenapp launches a real-time CPI calculator (for free) which allows advertiser to monetise their Apps more effectively and everyone can monetize the state of App economy around the world. As Geenapp´s platform works programmatically, CPI calculator is able to analyse 100,000 offers from 1,000 Apps daily from all smartphones and tables. This makes it the only tool which gives info worldwide based NOT on estimates but on real data from Geenapp´s platform.

With CPI calculator, you can manage to calculate how much you need to pay for each user acquisition, and therefore to know where App advertising is heating up. Advertisers use information to make a marketing plan and go into the complex App environment. Another plus is that you can filter CPI for different countries, categories and types of traffics and generate your own report according to your needs. With CPI calculator you can know how much approximately your competitors are paying for each installation all around the world for various categories with diverse traffic.

FireShot Capture 173 - CPI by Geenapp - https___cpi.geenapp.com_
Real-time CPI calculator

“With all the data that we retrieve daily, we have created a new tool to help developers and agencies promote their Apps” said Gina Tost, CEO of Geenapp.  “An App can generate revenues using different methods, but you need users to do it. The billion-dollar App market is a global phenomenon and the new battlefield is in App discovery. For developers to succeed they need to have a clear global strategy and understand the value of their users in each market,” says Gina Tost, CEO and co-founder of Geenapp.

Nowaday more developed economies usually choose iOS system rather than Android. Even though Android dominates market with over 82 % (iOS account for 13% on overall market), iOS by Apple generates 85% more revenue for App makers than Android. According to our CPI calculator, the average CPI for iOS system is $ 0,96 while for Android it is only $ 0,50 which represents the difference of $ 0,46 globally. When it comes to category, Games Apps have also higher CPI by 30 %  compared to non-games Apps on average. Geenapp´s CPI calculator identifies Germany, the US, Switzerland, the UK and Japan as countries with the highest CPI. We can say that Android is declining because of the fraud with the Android simulators and market saturation. On the other side, the iOS system is winning this battle and will acquire where it is still a lot of market to gain.

CPI of 11 popular countries according to CPI calculator

The advantages of CPI calculator

⦁ CPI calculator uses real-time algorithms but data is calculated daily.
⦁ The only tool which is based on real data and no estimates.
⦁ Developers target the right audience for their Apps.
⦁ The Apps are monetised more effectively.
⦁ CPI calculator helps developer to plan a global strategy.
⦁ Developers can understand the value of their users on different markets.
⦁ CPI calculator helps businesses to develop a business and marketing plan.

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