6 lessons learnt from Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017 (MWC)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The biggest and best mobile event for 2017 in Barcelona is officially over and what an amazing few days it was! With over 108,000 attendees from 208 countries and territories present, the event was covered by approximately 3,500 members of the international press and media. At the same time over 2,300 companies participated in the 2017 exhibition, and Geenapp was one of them.

Here are the 6 lessons learnt from Mobile World Congress 2017 as an exhibitor:

1) Location and experience is key
Within the traditional business industries, size really mattered. Within the mobile tech world this is not the case, with a lot of businesses running with fewer than 20 people. At WMC a focus is put on how big is your stand and where is it placed inside the venue, though having an experienced team regardless of the size is always going to reap higher rewards. Geenapp was located within governmental stand at Hall 8.1, in front of the main entrance, so location was perfect. Our team was trained and ready, they knew exactly what was expecting from this Congress.

2) Business inside and outside
When a Congress the size of MWC arrives in a city as small as Barcelona the city instantly transforms into a massive meeting venue. Take advantage of what the amazing city has to offer outside of the Congress. You can go to a restaurant or a party at night and at the same time you will find potential clients, other companies in the same sector as you and other whom you can create business synergies.

3) Move well, eat well, sleep well
Four days of MWC is enough to make anyone tired, so start your self-preservation 2 weeks before the Congress, and do not try to get everything completed on the first day.
The venue, from one side to the other is over 1km long, so having a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. You can take a nicer pair in your bag and put them once you reach your stand.

The food at WMC is OK, but I recommend you to eat a good breakfast at the hotel or at home, and carry some fruit on your bag. Vitamins are power. Taking care of yourself is vital if you want to survive the draining week.

4) Always be connected
Whilst there is always a lot happening at your stand, though you need to ensure that you are connected by e-mail through your colleagues, clients, providers and social media accounts. The remainder of the industry doesn’t stop while you have having a blast at MWC and you have to remember to cater for your existing clients at the same time.

One thing to note is that meetings are often requested or canceled through e-mail with very little notice, so you must prepared to deal with short timeframes.
A good way for your mobile to survive those 4 days is to have a few phone chargers at your stand and carry a portable battery charger (some stands even have them for free!). You never know when you are going to run out of battery.

5) Follow up
Once you have had your meetings during MWC, it’s vital to connect with the people you just met in order to follow up. A kind e-mail will help you improve your business relationship, and also help to remember the important information you have gained, and how it will be applied to your business.

6) Self evaluation
After the event evaluate where the industry headed and if it is taking a different route than your business it might be time to create a strategic plan. Next year, your competitors will have applied the strategies learnt there and you do not want to be stand aside.

Did you attend #MWC17? We would love to know what you thought of the experience.

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