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Performance marketing main problem is fraud

People/Machines imitating real users behaviour (clicking, installing or even registering into apps) to earn money from the advertiser’s budget. Those users are not real and are draining everybody’s patience in this industry.

Fraud has evolved for quite those 3 years that we have been in the industry.

Mainly, fraud is linked to robot leads generator. The most efficient method of producing low-quality leads or even fraudulent conversions with state-of-the-art or clumpsy tecnology. This is pretty easy to detect with Geenapp, but advertisers can fall into those tricks if they do not have the experience or work with serious partners.

Other problems about fraud are affiliates, networks or other players not following the rules set by advertisers. Big companies promoting on soft incent traffic when advertiser has asked no incent at all, or when advertiser has only asked for only direct sources and this campaign is being promoted by everyone.

But, even though is not that huge, advertisers can be fraudulent too.

– The “Pixel Shaving”: When an advertiser only fires your pixel part of the time. Monitoring the rise and fall of your conversion rates and EPC, while conducting random checks for pixel placement, is your best bet to keep pixel shaving at bay.

– The “It’s All Fraud”: Even conversions from high-quality, transparent traffic will be deemed as “all fraud” at times, usually at the hands of jaded marketers. To deal with this, both advertisers and publishers must be very clear on what is allowed as a return, what consequently defines a conversion, and also what constitutes “fraud.” It helps if your tracking platform can enter with its data and work both sides toward resolving these definitions.

Is as our parents use to tell us: keep good company. Though there’s no bulletproof solution to mobile fraud, you can better protect yourself by working with serious people and stay alert of those signs that trigger your app-owner nose.


Geenapp-NewCo, innovate in Mobile Marketing

Every day hundreds of new companies and businesses are born. Also, many brilliant ideas are just waiting the opportunity to become real. Unfortunately, sometimes we are so busy that we are not able to explore, discover and learn more about them.

Today, Geenapp’s team has shared their experience thanks to NewcoBCN, an opportunity to show what is being developed in Barcelona.

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There are already countless applications that are uploaded daily to Android or Apple Stores. A wide range of possibilities, which makes it essential to go out to search for users.

More than 2,500 new Apps per day are released, so developers have many difficulties to get visibility. Geenapp is a technology company within the marketing sector, which we can define as Adtech (advertising and technology). We get users for worldwide Apps and for all devices. If a developer is looking for users in Japan, there is no problem. If you want to open market in Mexico, we can make it happen.

In addition, the advertiser pays only for results, it means they pay for the users that have downloaded and opened the App and not by the number of times that a banner has been seen or has been clicked, as happens in the traditional digital marketing.

We also pay the publishers that help us getting those final users, so everyone is happy. Some receive facilities and others receive money. We take care of everything!

Geenapp was born in 2013, its three founders saw an opportunity and decided to go for it. Javier Casares (CTO, the technical part of the company), Jaime Ferré (Akamon’s founder, and now Geenapp’s Chairman, he leads the investors relations) and Gina Tost (CEO, responsible for Executive and Operational enterprise).

If you want to know more about us, you can visit our offices at the Pier1, a new meeting point for technology StartUps.


Do you want to be a publisher?

Growth statistics of WhatsApp, incorporate it into the club of 1 billion of active users. Who, today, has no WhatsApp?


In these past months, WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy making, those that accept changes, will be allowing access of Facebook to phones on their contacts.

How can we use this opportunity?

In Geenapp, if you have an app, a blog, a website, Twitter or Whatsapp, you can become a publisher and recommend apps that your friends, family and generate traffic and thus make money.

You only have to register on the platform of Geenapp, in the “Get Money” tab. From that moment you become a publisher, congratulations! Now you can share apps that you like with your friends on your social networks!

Succeed as a publisher

Succeed as a publisher



Welcome to Geenapp!

Let’s start the festival of innovation!

The next 27 October, companies like Geenapp, we will open our doors to share with you the processes in business innovation.

This year is the second edition of Newco and is expected to be as successful as the edition of the last year!

With the purpose of identify, celebrate and connect new engines of the change economic and social to give to know the cultures and strategies of innovation that have success in Catalonia, more than 50 companies technological innovative in Barcelona, we will share our experiences and during 1 hour you can know in exclusive our offices and listen talks informal of the hand of the CEOs of every startup.

NewCo is intended for managers, entrepreneurs, creative or computer engineers, among others, who want to broaden their knowledge and vision of work. So, if you’re one of them, go to the website and sign up!

See you on 27 October!


Mobile app piracy

Mobile apps piracy is harmful for mobile applications.

The reality is that the piracy is an important problem in the Apple and Android App Store, despite the astronomical figures that Apple offers each year on sales in the App Store.

In January 2015, Ustwo Games revealed that only 40% of the facilities on iOS devices have been using the legal method, that is to say, paying the price on the Apple app store. On the other hand, if we look at the data giving the same developer on facilities  in Android, only 5% of the installations carried out legally by Android.

Why one more than another? Android allows easily to install app “unofficial” applications stores pirate, that in iOS is more complicated.

Let us not forget that Android has more market share, including devices low range for users of less purchasing power that users of iPhone and iPad.

As applications are more pirated,charging for downloads has become almost useless. For example, “Alto’s Adventure” was launched in Android Thursday. It cost $2.99 in Iphone, but in google app was free with bonuses available to buy in the game. Why is this difference in the price? In part because users of Android, on average, are less powerful than customers of Apple, that is to say, that they will spend less on applications.

How to combat?

The first key that is recommended for developers is formed on intellectual property rights, industrial and image rights and the consumers be aware of the dangers of downloading apps illegal or outside the official shops.
Another way to deal with piracy in apps would be that Google removed the option of installing applications from unknown sources. Today, we find great applications of all kinds, virtually every need is covered by any of them, either for our smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. We have all kinds of applications, whether for professional or leisure topics.

The problem begins when we are dubious to choose an application, if we see it as payment, we immediately look for a free alternative, and if we find the same app without having to pay anything, so, maybe, we’ll install it.



Advices to combat apps piracy


Biggest mistakes in mobile app marketing

How to provide the best user experience and develop a successful mobile app marketing strategy? First of all, try to avoid these common mistakes while promoting your app.



Tips for creating a GREAT Burst Campaign

If you still don’t know what we are talking about, please read our previous post about boost campaigns, in order to understand plainly what you are getting into.
If you have already read it and still want to move forward, these will be super helpful tips in the creation and execution of your next user acquisition strategy:

1. Have your numbers clear and defined.

Remember your goal is to be in the rankings, and in order to get there you will need to achieve a minimum daily number of installations. If you plan a campaign without a defined strategy or thinking that undergoing won’t make a difference, all of it will be a waste of money. Plan how many installations you’ll get everyday, as well as the budget you will destin to this purpose.

For certain countries and categories you’ll need bigger budgets to see results, because the higher the smartphone penetration is in the market, the more installs are needed to reach a particular rank. Also, if you have a lot of competition, it is going to mean a lot more installations. Consider if it’s worth or not spending your budget targeting large countries or categories.


2. Try and get potential quality users.

Even though you are going for volume, pick an ad-network that can provide possible engageable users with a targeted audience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a high retention rate, you can at least try and see if you can get something else out of this. Meaning, possible loyal users. Some networks will offer you fake installations in order to help your numbers: I know it’s tempting, but lets be clear: these ones are not going to help your long-term strategy.

aso3. Ensure you have all your ASO strategy finished and polished.

This is also one of the strong points in boost campaigns. With all the acquired traffic you will be receiving, your visibility will be increased and your app will rank higher for certain keywords and categories.

Keep in mind that an attractive app will be more likely to be downloaded that one that doesn’t look neat. Find the most competitive and attractive keywords, analyze suitable categories for your app, optimize app name, description and visuals, etc.


4. Do not launch a bugged app that doesn’t work or crashes.

Users are cruel and impatient: if your app crashes, the results can be nasty. Is your app dependant on the communication with your servers? Make sure you have the capability to sustain tens of thousands of installations and users testing your app! It won’t matter to appear on the top if you start receiving a lot of bad reviews from the acquired users!

5. Run tests in smaller countries or categories.

It’s an interesting practice to try a burst campaign on asmaller country, where your ad-spend wont be as big. Besides acquiring a significant audience in that other country you will be able to learn what’s the user’s response, if there was a technical problem to be solved, etcétera. If you see good results and think you’re ready for the big play, move onto more important targets.

6. Combine burst campaigns with additional activities.

Such as PR, social promotions, etc. Since PR is usually connected to specific events, deciding on a burst campaign is usually part of a wider plan.