Pokemon Go App Numbers


The app that has almost 50% of the US market by value already became a real phenomena in the mobile world. In our infographics we explain the raising and recently declining numbers of this game.

Pokemon go stats

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Meet the team: Samantha Verdín

It is the pleasure to introduce you the Exclusive Campaigns Manager, Samantha Verdín. She is very charismatic and ambitious and works hard to accomplish her goals. Samantha is open to changes and talented when it comes to finding new solutions, fixing things, or coming up with novel ideas. Read more about her pro-active attitude, enthusiasm and impressive objectives.


Who is Samantha Verdin – Exclusive Campaigns Manager?

I am a happy, friendly person who likes being creative and exploring new things. I appreciate the small things in life and taking advantage of new opportunities that life presents every day. I am hard-worker and obsessed with trying out new concepts. I love traveling, meeting new people and cultures which are diametrically opposed to mine.

What is your favourite memory from childhood?

I don’t have a favorite memory. I had a super happy childhood and the luck of having an amazing family and friends around me always.

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

I would like to travel to many places for different reasons but I would like to see China mostly to experience our cultural differences and feeling lost in  a faraway place where I don’t know the language. I like being outside my comfort zone.

If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?

A restorer! The majority of buildings in my university campus were painted by a famous Mexican painter and needed to be restored very often. It was fascinating to look at the great job they did making our university look great all the time.

Are you morning bird or night owl?

Definitely a night owl! I have never been a big fan of early morning and I am more productive at night-time – Around midnight tons of new ideas and projects start popping up in my mind and I feel like starting up with new challenges at that very moment.


‘As I said before, I’d thank for more feedback and active participation. We are trying very hard to fight fraud in the sector and we can very easily identify cheaters with the advertiser’s point of view.’


How did you get into Geenapp?

I found a tweet from our CEO saying they were hiring for a new project, so I applied. At that time I was working as a freelancer on the digital field, but I felt I needed to get my schedules fixed and to embark on a new challenge.

Geenapp is a tech company in the marketing industry. Did you study anything what is related to this industry?

No. Actually I am a lawyer, and it’s not a choice I regret but, if I could go back time, I would have studied something more technologic. I had to choose a career at a very young age and I did it for the wrong reasons.

What are your main job responsibilities as Exclusive Campaigns Manager?

I talk to app developers who need user acquisition for their apps, on daily basis. It is crucial to explain them what Geenapp does and the way we do it in a very clear way. I am kind of a guide for them: I suggest types of promotion that fit their strategies and help them reach their goals.

What obstacle are you facing when acquiring new direct campaigns?

The hardest thing is working with clients who never give feedback. I always explain that in order to get good traffic, we must work together. They need to analyse sources, block sources which they do not like and identify they preferred ones. This missing feedback from their side complicates my job sometimes.

What would you welcome from developers´s side?

As I said before, I’d thank for more feedback and active participation. We are trying very hard to fight fraud in the sector and we can very easily identify cheaters with the advertiser’s point of view. I believe that we can achieve great results by working together and fight fraud on the way.

How do you like work with interns? Do you think that Geenapp is a great environment for development?

I used to be a law intern and it was not very enriching experience as I had to do only administrative tasks. I feel like I need to create various task for interns so they feel they are making the most of their time at Geenapp. We have lots of work they can help with and I am always trying to repay their help by teaching them new stuff.


‘The development in anti-fraud would be a main element for the app promotion in the future. I think that advertisers and other networks would need Geenapp to sort out and clean their traffic.’


What do you wish Geenapp could accomplish in the near future?

The development in anti-fraud would be a main element for the app promotion in the future. I think that advertisers and other networks would need Geenapp to sort out and clean their traffic. The company will be less in quantity but more in quality and eventually, all key players would need to cooperate with Geenapp.

What are you enjoying the most about Geenapp?

I love that we are a great team and also friends who are helping each other. When a new challenge comes, we analyse the situation and look for the best solution and improvements. We grow together and we learn a bit more about the sector every day.

What’s the best decision you ever made?

Trusting my own decisions and leaving my comfort zone. I had a job that I did not like and despite the fact that all my friends and family were telling me to keep at it to climb up the career ladder, I changed my profession. It was not fulfilling my potential and was not happy about that. Sometimes you just need to take a risk to get the biscuit.

What is still on your bucket list?

I want to travel the world, learn as much new stuff as I can, grow professionally and always be able to do the things that make me happy. I want to have a great family, as well as completing my career goals and make these two part fit together perfectly.

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Discrepancies between 3rd Party Tracker’s data…

and the stores.

Sometimes there are discrepancies between the tracker’s information and the iTunes App Store or Google Play reports. Don’t freak out, this is what could be happening.

Install Record Date
App Stores record downloads, while trackers record Installations and opens. Also, the time zone is set by the stores, meanwhile in the making of your campaign with the tracker, you get to choose the time zone. This time difference can influence the numbers.


A user downloads candy crush but later on decides not to open it and get addicted to it for life. User deletes the app immediately >>> The stores will register one download, while the tracker wont show any numbers at all.

A user downloads an app but doesn’t get the chance to launch it. He forgets he has it on his mobile until 2 weeks later, while on holidays, opens the app and starts playing >>> The stores will register one download, while the tracker wont show any numbers at all until the user launches the app.

Lucky user gets a new mobile device. He synchronizes the new device with his iTunes or Google Play account and re-install all apps on his previous device >>> The stores will not take this new installations into account, but the tracker will record it as an organic installation.

Installation Uniqueness
App Stores record one install per unique new user, taking into account app uninstalls, users with multiple devices and upgrades. The tracker usually records new users install the app AFTER the SDK has been integrated. Users that have had the app before will be re-counted, as well as re-installations in different devices with different accounts.

A user installs and app he really likes on both: his smartphone and tablet >>> The stores will count only one installation, but the tracker will record 2 different ones.

Please take into account that some stores show unique users, while trackers show unique devices.

Google ads usually has a 72 hour delay in processing 3rd party install notifications, so sometimes the discrepancy between this numbers will be solved after this period of time. Between 10% to 20% of discrepancies happen between Google and the tracker.

SDL Modifications
In some cases these updates will result in discrepancies. Also, shortening your SDK attribution delay may cause your SDK to miss outlying attributions whose referrers are not received during your adjusted delay window. These late attributions will still be reflected in your callbacks and dashboard. This is because adjust still wait for and subsequently attribute all reftag-based clicks regardless of how the length you set your SDK attribution delay.

and Facebook Mobile Ads Dashboard.

Facebook uses a 1-day view with a 28 day lookback window. Trackers only report installations generated during this 28 day period. Also, Facebook Ads Manager shows results taking into account impressions or click-times, instead of installations or conversions, as configured with your tracker.

Keep in mind that trackers do not report ad-view installations on CPI / CPA campaigns.

If you notice a very big discrepancy in numbers do not hesitate to ask your 3rd party tracker, who is the certified authority to determine valid installations, or ask your Geenapp’s account manager.

They will be glad to help you.

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5 tips to improve your retention rate

With the mobile world growing faster than ever before, many entrepreneurs and app connoisseurs are turning to the mobile app industry to form their ideas into reality. Launching an app might seem to be a tedious journey, however, what defines the success of each app are users. App tend to approach ad networks for user acquisition, although most of the times the results are tons of non loyal users and a big bill at the end of the month. It is a very common thing to see hundreds of users that install and open the app, but then never really use it again. This problem of low retention rates is very common among app developers. So, how many users actually uninstall the app or stop using it regularly after downloading it, and how can this be changed?

Only 23 percent of all daily active users keep an app three days after the install

Often times, users download an app, use it for a day or two, and then move on and never use it again or use it very little. This is a common weakness of app developers utilizing CPI campaigns. Retention rates are actually rather surprising when you think about how much money is in the mobile app industry. According to Silicon Valley analyst Andrew Chen, the average app loses 77 percent of its daily active users just three days after installing the app. There are millions of apps available and only a small percentage are actually able to retain those users over a period of time. He also states that after a month, 90 percent of daily active users stop using the app and only striking 5 percent still use an app after 90 days.


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Three Month Average User Retention by Industry; source: Localytics


The first few days of app usage are very important to the apps conversion of loyal users. According to Ankit Jain, the first week retention is the most critical period to obtain these users. The very low average retention rate could be explained by the fact that many users download apps to try them but stop using the ones they aren’t satisfied with in the first 3-7 days. Many users that stick with the app for the first week will likely keep using the app into the future making the first week retention rate very critical in gaining loyal users. Some conclusions for why most apps have trouble retaining its users are relevant. The most successful apps, like Uber for example, make the user feel as if it’s a necessary part of their daily life. These apps make up a small number of all applications, but retain a lot higher percentages because people feel that they can’t move on without it.

The 5 keys to nail your app from very beginning

It is evident that the first week of usage is vital in retaining long time users, but how can the app be created to attract these users in the important period of time talked about previously? Below are five key steps to take to increase your apps chances of solidifying these users as long time users.

1. Enhance easy onboarding

Finally you got new users! But what to do now in order to keep them and engage with your app? Make them love your app and show them why they really need it! Apps that involve a lot of steps in order to begin using the app often turn users away. The easier it is to being using the app and the less actions required, the more likely the user is to keep using the app. Furthermore, users have a creative mind and they care about the visual effect in you app. Creating an onboarding which has an appealing design makes users more likely to keep an app. Personalization, progressive learning, funny pictures, effective tutorial which highlights the competitive advantage often do not leave a user cold-hearted. In fact, a fluid onboarding increases lifetime value by up to 500%. So do you forget that the first impression counts so make them everlasting.

Example of popular onboarding animations


2. Stay transparent with your target market

Each app developer needs to coordinate activities so one can support each other and maximize the profit. Developing a great application is not enough but an effective marketing strategy can make an app a success what also also includes knowing your target users. In order to do this, find out who are your target users. Discover who is interested in using an app on long­term basis and establish your planning.If you find difficult to research your user base, an app promotion network can help you to figure out! With a low budget campaign, a developer can identify the most valuable group of users who have potential to stay loyal. But this not the end of journey! After this exhausting process, it is crucial to keep and interact with users. If users feel like that they cannot build on trust, they have no reason to retain an app. The solution? Get naked with your users (a.k.a. be transparent).

3. Set up straightforward push notifications on point

Appropriate push notifications that are not obvious and won’t potentially annoy the user have proved to be beneficial. In fact, notifications that relate to users preferences have a 54% conversion rate, versus 15% from broadcast notifications. It can be used to help remind users that your user is more useful among others as well as for targeting messages. Users that allow push notifications display 88% higher app engagement over those that don’t. Let’s take the example of Moovit – a global app which is designed to navigate public transportation and make you travels easy. As the public transport is very unpredictable, Moovit gives you control over it. Each user receive notifications which are updated constantly according to your route. Useful notifications tell you if the bus is coming, which stops is yours of if the station is closed. Due to smart notification which do not go over the top, Moovit is trusted by 40 million riders across more than 850 cities.


App Engagemenet Increase in Retention Rate; source Localytics


4. Drive the ‘freemium’ model and incentivization

The ‘freemium’ model has become a trending hit for many apps as it gives away a core product in an app what allows user to test a specific feature. Developer might be skeptical about this, but apps with freemium models account for 98% of the revenue in Google Play and 95 % in iTunes. American entrepreneur, Chris Anderson explained in his book “Free” that this model works on five percent rule – 5 % of paying users support the remaining 95 % of free users and keep servicing of free users close to zero. The second key element can be incentivization. Providing users with incentives like rewards, coupons, promotions, special access and more can do a lot to increase app retention rates. For example, the Starbucks app utilizes a reward system incentivizing users to use the app and collect stars to be rewarded free drinks and food. Well thought, relevant incentives can be extremely beneficial in retaining users of your app.

5. Boost the app upgrades and development

Updating the app experience and adding new functions on a constant basis are a key method in keeping the user interested in your app. It is important to use analytics of user behavior and feedback in order to determine what can bring your app more value and make it more enjoyable.

In a nutshell

So, as an app developer, the best way to set yourself apart from others and have high retaining apps is to concentrate on the first week of usage with high focus on the first couple times the app is used. Carefully planning and creating your app based around the five tips discussed will increase your chances of attracting users throughout the first week prior to when the app was downloaded.


9 creative ways to promote mobile apps


There are more than 2 million apps available to download in the leading app stores*. But without the right promotion even the best mobile app has very small chances of reaching the right audience and getting noticed. We put together some creative ways to promote your app in this infographics.

9 creative ways to promote mobile apps



* Data according to Statista, June 2016

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Meet the team: Javier Casares


I am an IT geek – that definition fits the best to my personality. I have been working on the Internet since 1997 and two years later, I have started with designing of webs and I launched my first website. Moreover, I would say that I am very friendly, bit crazy, an achiever and workaholic so that is why I enjoy sleeping a lot in my free time.

Is there anything you wish everyone knew about you?

I am really transparent person. People, who know me because of my work, would have experienced my transparency while working. I also helped when the Internet was expanding in Spain and cooperated with many associations. I can work in team very well but I prefer working alone when I need to fully concentrate.

Who has influenced you the most in your life? What was one of the most defining moments in your life?

I believe that it was my cousin who helped me when I got my first computer and gave me knowledge about IT area what has had an impact on my future. Nowadays, it is Jaime and Gina – we have been friends for several years and we are running a successful startup together. The breakpoint was when I had an disagreement with my friends and I had realized who are my  true friend. From that moment on, I have started to do lots of new things and I  have changed my lifestyle completely.

Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous?

Bit of both! In my work, it is more than necessary to plan thing in advance because I need to organize all my tasks. That helps me to complete small goals which eventually leads to bigger goals and everything fits together like puzzle pieces. In my personal life, I am more of spontaneous person so I do not plan long ahead.

If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

I do not like to give a general piece of advice because it depends on timing and other situations that a person is going through. I am trying to be very emphatic and understand the situation of a person who is asking me for help. I need to put myself into their shoes to come with the best recommendation possible.

Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?

I would like to meet Albert Einstein! I think that he could be a very interesting person because of his ability to think in bigger picture. Some people just have an idea in their minds and they do not need to verify it. I feel the same about my job – I also need to think about bigger portray. Famous people seem to be very interesting, however, while I was working in the radio, I met many of them and I came to the same conclusion every time – they are ordinary people as well.


‘Geenapp is a challenge for me! We are basically creating a new business model – Geenapp is the beginning of everything and we need to create everything from the scratch. Three years ago, I have not even dreamt that the company is going to be this successful.’


Are you a fan of TV series or are you “a gaming boy”? 

TV series are way more relaxing for me. When I watch TV, I do not need to razor sharp concentrate so it the way how to escape reality for me. My favourite shows are Futurama, The Big Bang Theory but the best one ever is Fringe! I do play games as well – I enjoy the go-kart-style racing Mario Kart where you can pick your character and race ’til you drop!

IT guys are often referred to as Men of Mystery. Would you identify yourself as an introvert?

In the past, I used to be an extrovert and very easy-going. But at some point, I have started to follow the saying: wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve. I have changed and I believe that being honest with people is the best way. Furthermore, when you are being yourself, you have nothing to loose and it just shows your real character.

Why did you pick a career of IT programmer? People also misuse two terms – programming and coding. Can you give us a quick masterclass what is the difference?

You have a blank page and you are able to create many new things from nothing. It is like being an artist – you have plain canvas and you start creating and forming your ideas and at the end, you have a final picture.
We can say that coding is a part of programming – the difference is that coding is writing the code itself while programming is more about logics behind. The programmer analyzes issues and does all thinking and the coder needs to write a code according to programmer’s instructions.

How important is for everyone in this industry to know at least the basics of programming?

I do not think that people need to know how to program, just how the logics behind works. It is enough to know how things are working, not have to get them done. The same goes for my work – programmers should have knowledge about business and on the other hand, businessmen should understand the basic logics of programming. It is crucial to understand each other because sometimes things are not only black and white.

Geenapp was started in 2013 in Barcelona by Gina Tost, Jaime Ferré and you. Who was the main initiator of starting an app promotion platform?

I remember that we were at the meeting with all partners and we came to the conclusion that we need to meet the demand for app promotion of developers. Thus, I created own platform but I need to say that at the beginning I did not know much about app promotion. I had some knowledge about developing platforms but I have never done something like Geenapp platform. In the first year, we created many things which went to trash and we redid everything. That is how it works – if you want to gain new knowledge, you have to create new better version. After each progress, we were able to add many new features for upcoming Geenapp platform.

What fascinates you the most about your company? Do you find the position of CIO still challenging?

Geenapp is a challenge for me! We are basically creating a new business model – Geenapp is the beginning of everything and we need to create everything from the scratch. It is very unpredictable because we have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. If, someone in the industry comes up with new innovation, we need to adapt immediately.


‘You have a blank page and you are able to create many new things from nothing when programming. It is like being an artist – you have plain canvas and you start creating and forming your ideas and at the end, you have a final picture.’


Why to love Geenapp platform to bits?

Everything has been developed by Geenapp so it is very unique. We are able to modify the platform according to client’s preferences very quickly. Other companies are not able to do so because they are using platforms of offshore firms. What is more, we have own Quality and Anti-fraud system and even more tools for our clients. We keep working hard, researching and developing new concepts to get them accredited.

The mobile industry is a billion industry what attracts also individuals who do not have a sense of fair play. Do you believe that the topic of fraud is still taboo?

It is a big challenge because people, who try to earn money in dishonest way, keep improving their methods do we need to be very responsive and avoid this situation. Nevertheless, other companies in this industry are not aware of practice how to fight the fraud. People in app promotion sector have great marketing experience but the technological know-how is missing.

How do you expect the future of Geenapp evolve?

It is very difficult to talk about the future as the sector is progressing rapidly and within 6 months, things might be absolutely different. Three years ago, I have not even dreamt that the company is going to be this successful. Geenapp is going to grow further in new spheres and adapt to new changes in technology and the mobile industry.

What are things on your to-do list which you want to accomplish in the near future?

In fact, I do not have a to-do list as I do things as they come. I am not waiting for it, I prefer to do it right away. My next objective is the new version of Geenapp platform – I am working on updates in order to boost it and ease our work.

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Meet the team: Jaime Ferré

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANjAAAAJGVjZTA3M2UwLWE1ZWUtNDM1Mi04N2JmLTcyYjUyZDliNjhhMQHow would you describe the personality of Jaime Ferré?

I am an entrepreneur – I have been starting companies since I was 20 years old. I put an emphasis on my family because that is the most important in my life. However, I always differentiate between my working life and my private life. I prefer to keep my family outside my business activities. Additionally, I am very easy-going and I do enjoy outdoor sports which raise my adrenaline level as my greatest passions are motorbikes and snowboarding.

If someone would choose  to write a book about your life – what would the title be?

True life of entrepreneur – and it would definitely be a comedy! The book would be more like an autobiography and a guide for all entrepreneurs. It would give a piece of advice for new starting businessmen and chairmen in order to teach them how to avoid the same mistakes and how to do things the right way.

Is there any important piece of advice you give people around you?

Avoid bad people in your life. Speaking from my personal experience, if you are surrounded by bad people, things go wrong because you start attracting unpleasant things. It makes your life harder, therefore you must have only good people in your life so they bring positive vibes.

If you could just another profession than an entrepreneur – what would that be? Did you have any back-up plan?

I would like to participate on the gastronomy project elBarri Adrià. I like the link between business and gastronomic spheres and I think that is is really amazing that Albert Adrià created the whole new experience for epicures.
My second vision to make a change in the world. I am inspired by Elon Musk from Tesla Motors as he has been accomplishing amazing things. His intentions are changing various areas such as transportation along with the world environment. Musk’s projects are just incredible! On the other hand, changing the world even slightly is hard to achieve as we can see it on example of many visionaries who failed their attempts.

Who is your role model?  Is there anyone whose path you are following?

The most inspiring person in my life is my mother – I really admire her! She is surrounded only by good people and sometimes I feel like she is attracting them. She makes me feel better after I go to talk to her since she always has a piece of advice for me. Moreover, she is very happy and smart person who is helping other people and avoids conflicts in her life.


‘Anti-fraud system is the best thing we have launched because we are managing traffic, fraud and pirates so cheaters do not use Geenapp platform.’


So what is the greatest lesson you have learned from someone’s mistake?

Do not work with bad people. Essentially, that is also Geenapp’s mission – to eliminate fraud in the mobile industry and therefore, eliminate all people who are trying to harm this industry.

You were doing a mentorship for new entrepreneurs as you are considered to be the great example how to run successful companies. What are the top values that a leader needs to demonstrate?

I think that a leader has to be transparent and care about the people in a company. You have to help your employees not only at work but also in their private lives because people cannot live in hell and be happy in the office. In addition, as a leader you need to let people grow professionally and personally because a company grows with people. Furthermore, the leader should not be present only when things work perfectly but he should lead when things turn bad. It is the same in football – players do not feel like they need a coach when a match is going great but they rely on their coach when there is a problem and they want him to solve it. I suppose that a good leader should always appear in the crisis.

What would you advise to a leader who wants to improve? What is the biggest challenge that leaders are facing nowadays?

I assume that the biggest obstacle is the velocity as the world is progressing very fast today. Therefore, I suggest that a leader should not be scared to take risks because the fear of loss prevents people from doing fascinating things.

You have already started your own company before in the same industry. Why is the gaming industry so attractive for you?

I have been working in the gaming industry for long time. I started with doing magazines and websites for gamers. The idea for that company came from my business partner Carlos Blanco. In fact, I play video games every day since I was 8 years old so that is the reason why I have such a close relationship to this industry.

How did you come with the idea of Geenapp – an App promotional platform?

When I left my last company more than 4 years ago, I started to think what to do next and I felt like I need to cross lines of mobile industry and advertising. I have decided to start an Ad Tech company in mobile industry as it is growing very fast and I am predicting an amazing future to this industry.

Geenapp is a tech company in the mobile industry – how do you feel about this sector? In what do you find the mobile industry progressive and on the other hand, what is irritating for you?

I like that the mobile industry is global making it very worldwide excluding few markets. On the contrary, the fraud and cheating are bothering me a lot. There are people out there who are boosting fraud and trying to earn money at all costs.

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your startup? What is the coolest thing about being chairman of Geenapp?

The most important decision had to be taken the last year when we switched to B2B strategy what have had only positive impact on the company.
There are different aspects I do appreciate at Geenapp. We have moved to the new office at Pier 01 Tech City at Barceloneta what is the location of prosperous startups in the city. From the business point of view, Geenapp has international partners and campaigns worldwide what allows us to go global.


‘I have decided to start an Ad Tech company in mobile industry as it is growing very fast and I am predicting an amazing future to this industry.’


Barcelona is the world’s capital of mobile industry and the location of Geenapp office. Do you attach any importance to this fact?

From my point of view, our location is one of the key elements to make Geenapp a success. The most important events in the mobile industry such as Mobile World Congress or 4 Years From Now take place in Barcelona so Geenapp had a chance to participate in order to spread by the word of mouth. The city is home to many other companies which are working in the same sector resulting in higher competition. This indicates that the technology needs to be improved constantly and lots of talented people from all over the world are attracted to come to Barcelona.

How would you promote the idea of Geenapp?

All offers at the same place, one invoice, one payment, best payouts and good quality traffic for all campaigns checked by Anti-fraud and Quality systems daily. Do not loose time looking at different platforms. In Geenapp we do that for you so you have everything at once.

What are the future prospects of Geenapp?

We need to integrate the whole ecosystem into Geenapp platform and that is going to happen in the next 6 months. So we are basically going to integrate all the offers in Geenapp. What is more, we still keep working in the area of anti-fraud so we can block all fraud and clean the sector from this low quality traffic that nobody wishes for.

Tell me about an accomplishment of Geenapp that you consider to be the most significant one.

Anti-fraud system! It is the best thing we have launched because we are managing traffic, fraud and pirates. Cheaters do not use Geenapp platform because we can see their fraudulent practices and we eliminate them immediately so they will not send any traffic.

What is still on your bucket list?

I want to help people via NGOs in order to raise money for people in need. I wish I could raise awareness about how to help other people as it is impossible to be happy if people around you are not having a great time. In my working environment, I want people in Geenapp to grow and continue in pursuing amazing careers what, at the end, will take them to great places and help them to achieve interesting things.


Top Countries by Mobile Game Revenues

We analyzed the top countries by mobile game revenues and global CPIs for Android, IPhone and IPad. Besides Geenapp calculator helps to identify CPIs for different markets and the most popular game categories.



4 Tips for App Store Optimization

We put together some tips helping to promote your new app and get better search results. App store optimization (or ASO) differs a lot for Google Play and App Store, for more information about ASO please check out this website.


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Meet the team: Estefanía González

It is the pleasure to introduce you the Head of International Business of Development at Geenapp, Estefanía González. She is goal oriented in nature and works very hard to achieve her goals day by day. She had dreams of being in a totally different industry, but ended up accepting an interview with Geenapp in the mobile app industry and loves it. Estefanía has worked very hard to climb up the company hierarchy and revealed more about her personal and working life in the interview.

Who is Estefanía González?

A 24 years old friendly, easy-going and talkative girl! Chai tea lattes and cookies are a favorite of mine in the office setting and after work I usually go to spinning classes, for me it is the perfect way to relieve stress (and burn off those chocolate cookies!).
I am also a bookaholic, I love classics (such as Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice) but I also recently discovered noir novels. I am passionate about reading as it takes me to a world of deep imagination.

What did you want to be when you were a school-going child?

I wanted to become a nuclear physicist! When I was a kid I saw a Bruce Willis’ movie where he met a woman who was working in a nuclear physics lab and he needed her help to defuse a bomb. From that moment on I was dreaming of saving my country. It was great to see my school teacher’s face when she asked what we want to do in the future and my friends had said they wanted to become vets, astronauts… I said “I want to be Nuclear Physicist and defuse bombs!”.

Did you progress in pursuing your dreams? Which university degree did you earn?

Well, finally I didn’t become a Nuclear Physicist… as I ended up studying Audiovisual Communication. The first year at university was a test for me because I really was not sure if it is that was what I truly wanted. Thankfully, I chose well and I enjoyed my years at university. I became involved with many internships since the very beginning and that made it possible for me to get a feel for different occupations such as a journalist, producer, events planner…

 So how come that you came to Geenapp and started to work in app promotion industry?

One day when checking LinkedIn I found an offer for Geenapp and I chose to apply without expecting much. I went for an interview with a positive mindset and I got the job!


‘I hope Geenapp can grow in all aspects and earn a great reputation with its clients. I want to encourage the personal development of each employee, invest time and sources in R&D to bring the light into the mobile industry. ‘

What was your knowledge about mobile industry before you came to Geenapp?

Nothing, literally. I had heard about Mobile World Congress and that the circulation of money is enormous. Luckily, if you want to work at Geenapp, experience it is not a must, the most important thing is the attitude. I always say that Geenapp has been for me a full-time intensive Master in Mobile.

What do you like the most about being Head of International Business Development at Geenapp?

I like to set goals and as I am talking to our clients everyday, I want to see good results. It is rewarding to see networks promoting that I have obtained because of the time I invested gaining them as a client. Additionally, I appreciate the Geenapp team – we are all young friendly people and get along very well.

When you are having such a family atmosphere in the office, do you sometimes organize pizza days? What is your favourite pizza?

Yes, we have pizza days! The last time I tried Cremozza al estilo Bourbon and I fell in love! But, BBQ and a coke are always a must for me!

Who do you aspire to be like?

I have my ideal aspirations from books, Jane Eyre and The Help have strong female characters that inspire me. They always follow their beliefs and do and fight for what is right for them. I also want to keep growing here at Geenapp as I started from the bottom but the management saw potential in me so I have kept working hard.

If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

I would switch with someone who is rich and does not have to worry about anything, but just enjoying the life at a private beach.

Where do you you see your career five years from now?

I want to see Geenapp and myself grow and achieve great things together. I want my department to expand and hire more people.


‘It is rewarding to see networks promoting that I have obtained because of the time I invested gaining them as a client.’

What is the most favorite event you have visited so far with Geenapp?

Mobile World Congress 2016 – it was my very first congress so I was really excited and I gained so much experience there even though I need to confess that it was stressful for me during the first day. I went  alone and had many meetings with Geenapp’s clients but it was a key event for me as it helped me to boost my confidence.

What is the most outstanding element of Geenapp for you?

Geenapp is very innovative startup. Many other agencies have a tendency to work with CPx offers but they are not really working properly. Geeanpp does it differently ­ we have the whole platfrom developed by Geenapp and we also have additonal services such as Quality and Anti-fraud systems to name a few.

What do you wish Geenapp to achieve in the upcoming year?

I hope Geenapp can grow in all aspects and earn a great reputation with its clients. I want to encourage the personal development of each employee, invest time and sources in R&D to bring the light into the mobile industry. My personal wish is to receive more feedback from our partners so that we can strengthen our relationships. I would also enjoy traveling the world and attending more conferences about App promotion.

What is the thing you have always wanted to do?

I want to travel to Japan as I love Japanese mangas and animes, my dream is to visit all the places I have seen in these stories.
Also, I would for sure spend a day in Ghibli Museum, the animation and art museum of Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli, one of Japan’s most famous animation studios. I highly recommend you to watch “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”, for me these are the two best animated films from Hayao Miyazaki.