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Infographics: History of Geenapp

Check out Geenapp history step by step: how the company emerged and developed.

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Infographics: CPI in numbers

CPI by Geenapp explains the Cost Per Install (CPI) globally and for different mobile devices in June 2016.


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5 reasons to use Geenapp platform

Every company that wants to be successful in the realm of  App promotion faces a wide array of problems on a daily basis. One of the most crucial issues can be campaigns. Where to get them from? How do you find campaigns with higher payouts and conversion rates? Where do you get campaigns for many safe Apps? How do you get  more working campaigns? The answer is Geenapp – a very smart App promotion platform which gathers all campaigns in the same place, making your life much easier!

Here are the top 5 reasons to use the Geenapp platform:

1. One platform = all campaigns at the same place from all networks
Geenapp’s platform is very easy and understandable for all its users. We integrate with more than 500 campaign sources through API, or server to server integration, in order to fetch the best campaigns for you. By doing so, we save your valuable time spent browsing through tons of campaigns – you have them all at the same place. On our platform, we are running worldwide campaigns for different verticals, iOS and Android devices with the best payouts. You can filter campaigns based on your preferences and find out more about KPIs, capping, quality and conversions. Thanks to Geenapp, you can find the campaigns that tailor to your specific needs.

2. One invoice & reliable payments
Geenapp’s panel is unique when it comes to invoicing — you generate your own invoice with one click! You do not need to deal with many different numbers from a variety of networks. Geenapp’s platform connects all the information together for you, saving your time and effort! After filling out the required legal information, you will be able to generate a new invoice from the beginning of every month. After confirmation through our system, you will receive the monthly payments all on one invoice in a timely manner. With Geenapp, it is easy as that!

3. Higher conversion rates
Geenapp is a tech company that works programmatically. That means that we have the tools to monitor what is happening with all the campaigns running on our panel. We offer exceptional conversion rates and are able to optimize the traffic and reach the highest quality coming from all sources checked by our Quality and Anti-fraud systems. We are carefully monitoring all the clicks and installations on our system to ensure we only send valid traffic for the ​specific ​country, and OS of each campaign. Our smart tools help us deliver real clicks and installs from real users. This allows us to send appropriate and valid traffic for all campaigns and therefore, reach higher conversion rates than anyone else in the industry.

4. Quality system
As we are a tech company operating in the marketing industry, we have developed several tools to optimize the quality of our traffic. We have very close relationships with our advertisers , and pay very close attention to post-install events in order to optimize our sources. We have also launched our own Quality system which checks, on the hour, all of our campaigns. The system tracks each link to ensure they have the correct App store destination so you can be positive that every campaign is running smoothly. If ever a campaign is stopped for any reason, we immediately notify you via email. As a result, you can be sure that all our campaigns are active and you can enjoy smart App promotion with minimal oversight; aka stress.

5. Anti-fraud system
With our very own Anti-fraud system, we are able to detect any potential fraud and stop all susp​i​cious sources. We are constantly analyzing all traffic that comes through our system, and if we come across any doubtful install​ations​ or clicks, we automatically stop the campaign and investigate further in order to avoid this issue in the future. As we​ are​ the only company in the sector with our own ​Quality and Anti-fraud ​systems, we are able to provide high quality traffic, from reliable sources, for all campaigns, on our platform. Additionally, we have efforts focused in the R&D department because we are always looking to improve our system to ensure the best service to our clients.​

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All in all, the Geenapp platform is the right place for every network seeking best campaigns possible. The platform is very easy and intuitive to use, and technical support is always available. You get worldwide campaigns for more than 7,600 safe Apps which are checked by our tools. You no longer need to check each link to make sure it is working— our Quality system checks it for you.

So, why wait? There is profit waiting to be earned through the expanse of campaigns waiting for you at Geenapp

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Fraud in the mobile industry

Infographics by Geenapp: fraud in the mobile industry explained in numbers.

This infographic is based on 40 Million clicks during May 2016.