Geenapp: all trackers, all networks, all Apps, all in one

What is Geenapp?

Geenapp is a marketing App platform that helps app developers gain installations and allows publishers to monetize their mobile traffic. Developers get installs and publishers earn money with every installation they generate. As simple as that.

Everybody wins with Geenapp!

A new source of income

Do you want to make your mobile traffic profitable? Do you have many followers on Twitter or Facebook? We can help you win by promoting apps: We suggest an app for you to recommend, you decide wether or not you are interested in promoting it, and, if you accept to do so, we will pay you for every installation you get. We only supply a LINK that you can use on Twitter, Facebook, in a post on your blog or in an article on your website. If any of your followers installs the app from one of your links, you WIN!

This means you don’t have to modify a thing on your website. Geenapp doesn’t replace any of the monetization systems you may be using, it doesn’t require a banner! Geenapp supplements what you already have. We attempt to offer you the apps that best relate to your areas of interest, in order to increase conversion rates. Besides, we have apps for any kind of smartphone: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry…

Contact us. Tell us about your website, Twitter account, Facebook profile… And we will get right down to work!

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